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susanne abbuehl, lonely woman

Swiss/Dutch singer and composer Susanne Abbuehl was born in Berne, Switzerland, on July 30, 1970. Drawn to music and language early on, composing songs and writing words in her own language, she started studying the harpsichord at age seven. At age seventeen, she moved to Los Angeles where she started studying voice and where she was a member of a jazz group that toured the U.S. and Canada. Back in Europe, she took up professional education in jazz and classical voice at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where she studied with the late Jeanne Lee. She earned a Masters Degree, graduating cum laude.
Abbuehl also studied North Indian classical vocal music with Dr. Indurama Srivastava in Amsterdam and later became a student of famed master singer Dr. Prabha Atre in Bombay, to whom she regularly returns.

She studied composition and analysis with Dutch composer Diderik Wagenaar.

Her international debut „April“ for ECM Records (2001), produced by Manfred Eicher, received wide critical acclaim and won an EDISON Music Award (Dutch Grammy) in 2002.

kaynak: http://www.susanneabbuehl.com/

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