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Finish It - clint mansell

Clinton Darryl "Clint" Mansell, (born 7 January 1963) is an English musician, composer, and former lead singer and guitarist of the band Pop Will Eat Itself.
After the disbanding of PWEI in 1996, Mansell was introduced to film scoring when his friend, director Darren Aronofsky, hired him to score his debut film, π.[1] Mansell then wrote the score for the next Aronofsky film, Requiem for a Dream, and its main composition "Lux Aeterna" has become extremely popular, appearing in a wide variety of advertisements and film trailers.
Mansell's composition for The Fountain was nominated for Best Original Score at the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards. His other notable film scores include Moon, Smokin' Aces and The Wrestler.

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