30 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

Wisdom of Love - Sina Vodjani

Sina Vodjani, son of a French mother and a Persian father, is a musical ambassador between the Orient and the West. His message is spiritual - conveyed by prayers and sounds gathered from all over the world. Born in Isfahan (Iran) in 1954, he grew up in Tehran, San Francisco and Paris and was introduced to a life influenced by a rich variety of different cultures from his early childhood. He was still very young when he first started taking singing and guitar lessons, and later, in Germany, he studied piano and composition as well as classical and flamenco guitar.
Sina was prompted to take an interest in scriptures from various religions by an unexpected mystical experience, and over the years, he has acquired further considerable knowledge in a variety of fields - including Qi-Gong, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and shamanism; all of these have an influence on his work as a creative artist. His creative work is not limited to just music but takes in a number of fields; as a professional photographer, he captures impressive snapshots, photos of landscapes and portraits - and not only on his travels. As a painter, his works have been exhibited in Paris, Hamburg and other parts of Northern Germany.

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