30 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

Wishing Wheel - karl maddison

Since a young age Karl has always been interested in music. At twelve Karl started playing guitar and by seventeen had secured a job in a local recording studio. Soon after, Karl began playing sessions for local artists which in turn was a positive learning experience and led him to play in various groups with different musical styles. After having success on the dance music scene with Northface & Yekuana, two outfits which were collaborations with two close friends, Karl's music started taking on a more reflective approach. Having always been interested in New Age music, it was a natural progression for Karl to write and record music of a more relaxed nature. "I like the space to make the music breath & evolve" says Karl. "Guitar is my main instrument and I am influenced by many styles of music, I will listen to any style. Music has to evoke a reaction in the listener, whether it’s happy, sad, or relaxed, it has to generate feelings and take you on a journey."

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