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Elisa Vellia trio : "Myrtia"

Elisa Vellia trio : "Myrtia". live in Arles. oct 2009 from Elisa Vellia on Vimeo.

Elisa Vellia, harpist singer, was born in Greece on the Island of Corfu and grew up in Athens. Her love of travel and adventure made her leave her homeland, and in London she fell in love with the Celtic harp and made it her instrument. She now lives in Brittany, France.
Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, between her native ground, Greece, and her ground of adoption, Brittany, the greek singer-harpist weaves her own musical universe. Elisa Vellia was born and grew up in the heart of Greece. Her love for adventure
and discovery found her leaving Athens for London where she discovered the Celtic harp. With tremendous enthusiasm, she’s worked alongside important names of the Irish and Scottish harp world. Her musical journey brought her to Brittany where she settled, as the ideal place for her to express her own music, one with no borders. Together with Christine, she created the duo Sedrenn, who quickly becomes popular. Numerous concerts had them traveling throughout France and beyond. Elisa felt the strong desire to return to Greek
music. Her 1st solo album, “The thief of secrets”, was released in 2005 by Harmonia Mundi (best-selling in this category for the year 2006). In 2008 she released Ahnaria (greek for “footprint”) and performs on stage with a trio and occasionnaly with the breton singer
Annie Ebrel.

« Ahnaria» Chants du monde/HM 2008 / Fip selection
« Voleurs de secrets » Chants du monde/HM 2005 / Fip selection


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