27 Haziran 2010 Pazar

Ferghana Dance - turgun alimatov

Turgun Alimatov (20 January 1922 – 17 December 2008) was an Uzbek musician.
He was born in Tashkent in 1922 and lived there through the 1990s. He learned music from his father, never having taken formal music lessons, and began performing in 1939, becoming well known to the Uzbek public through musical theater as well as radio. His music has been strongly identified with sentiments of Uzbek nationalism. In 1991 he toured the United States.
He played traditional Uzbek music, including melodies such as the Segah and the Nawa. He performed on and composed for the sato,[1] dutar and tanbur.[2]
On December 17th, 2008 Turgun Alimatov died at the age of 86.[3]

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