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Siteiakes Kontylies - Ross Daly

Ross Daly is a musician of Irish descent, who "has been spend in many different parts of the world and his home for the last 35 years is the island of Crete in Greece" who plays Lyra (Cretan).[1]

Ross Daly told that music is "the language of my dialogue with that which I perceive to be sacred" and "travelled extensively, studying under many of the world's greatest masters of modal traditions" and searching for "music archetypes" around the world mainly in "Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent". In 1982 he established the educational institution called Labyrinth Musical Workshop, in the village of Houdetsi, 20 kms south of the capital city of Herakleion, where more than 250 instruments Daly collected during his travels are in exhibition and hundreds of students from all over the world arrive in order to study with renowned international teachers of modal music each year.[1]
In 1990 Ross Daly designed a new type of Cretan lyra which incorporates elements of lyraki, the byzantine lyra and the Indian sarangi. The result was a lyra with three playing strings of 29 cm in length (the same as the standard Cretan lyra), and 18 sympathetic strings which resonate on Indian-styled jawari bridges (the number of sympathetic strings was later increased to 22).
Daly has released more than 35 albums of his own compositions as well as of his own arrangements of traditional melodies that he collected during his travels.[1]
"In Summer 2004 he was the artistic director of the cultural program of the Olympic Games for the Olympic city of Heraklion on the island of Crete, titled "Crete, Music Crossroads". He organized and artistically supervised 15 concerts with the participation of 300 musicians from all over the world," including: Jordi Savall, Eduardo Niebla, Huun Huur Tu, Habil Aliyev, Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan, Mohammad Rahim Khushnawaz, Chemirani Trio, Adel Selameh. (kaynak wikipedia)


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